Embed Code Sandbox

    Embed Code Overview

    In order to embed products from the Inform Player Suite, only three things need to be added to a webpage:

    • one <script> tag to enable use of the Inform Player Suite
    • as many products as desired on your page using configurable <div> elements
    • a short <script> block of code immediately following each configurable <div> element on the page to begin the embed process

    The <script> tag needed is shown below:

    This <script> tag must be placed before any configurable <div> elements on the page and is recommended to be placed it within the page's <head></head> section.

    Create A New Demo

    Demo Embed Code

    Use the textbox above to demo either configurable <div> elements and/or <iframe> embed code. The needed <script> tag will be added automatically.

    Include needed <script> tag
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    Apply overrides to <iframe> embeds